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Are your pants pineapple? by Wendy Bowen, Chelsea Physic Garden

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Hidden on the banks of the Thames, since 1673 the extraordinary Chelsea Physic Garden has had a wide-reaching impact around the world, in the 1700s it was the most important centre for plant exchange on the planet.  Today the garden exists to remind us about the power of plants, which are at the heart of so much of what we do, use, wear, eat, drink and produce; even creating cures for illness.

A nightgown made from nettles may be the stuff of nightmares, but do reconsider that notion because nettle fabrics is equal to Egyptian cotton and only slightly inferior in feel to Silk. Everything you are wearing is probably either part or wholly made from a plant based fibre, possibly down to your pants made of pineapple! It’s a material world and plants are making it turn.  The Chelsea Physic garden team set out to highlight the array of plants which go to make fabulous fabrics, from linens, cool cottons, hemps and much more.   The plants and fabrics will be showcased at the Chelsea Physic garden this year a dream for those hot under the collar for haberdashery or anyone keen to keen to cotton on about how their clothes grow.

Chelsea Physic Garden are thrilled to collaborate with Alitex this year as part of their display at Chelsea Flower Show 2017.

Needlework stitching and fabrics will make up the installation, which reflects the garden theme, along with  a show stopping responsive textiles fabric dress made from 100% plant based fabrics which changes shape when exposed to moisture.  The dress has been specially commissioned for the show and is beautifully made by Jane Scott, it will be available for visitors to interact with.

A complementary series of behind the scenes tours, workshops and talks around the theme of plants and fabrics suitable for a range of ages and interests will also be available for visitors to book online or by calling the garden.

Usual garden entry (£10) children (£6.25).  Main season (2 April – 30 October, Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm and Sundays 11 -6pm).

Chelsea Physic Garden 66 Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HS

Telephone 0044 20 7352 5646


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